Monday, January 7, 2013

Out with the old kitchen!

It has been a mad house here today - builders, electricians and plumber all onsite. The builder finished repair to the crack in the bathroom wall, removed ceiling t&g in the hallway to the bathroom and demolished the exterior kitchen wall. The electrician worked on first fix of electricals.

I haven't added captions as they're all self explanatory.

I so wish I was enjoying the process more but I'm afraid I'm finding it a nightmare. Literally nothing is easy.

The electricians Aaron and Cory (Apollo Electricians) are just fantastic ! easy to talk to and very understanding. They've made some very sensible suggestions that should be done and we agreed to finish the job as quoted and then start afresh with the new stuff, which will include: extra lighting in laundry corridor, a light in the cupboard under the stairs, an outdoor plug just outside the kitchen so I can run outdoor lighting later on, and a light switch inside the front door so I don't have to walk across the room, killing myself on obstacles in the dark, to switch the light on from the opposite door.

I chose switch and plug fittings today but then changed my mind when my friend pointed out that they looked like a bird. Now every time I look at them, thats what I'll see (thanks Kirk!). So.... back to the drawing board. I am quite liking the same brand though (Schneider Electric), just a different that doesn't look quite so bird like :)