Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Four more sleeps till Christmas

David phoned with an update last night. He spent some hours at Manor Place and he thinks good progress is being made. Dave wants another progress payment on Friday of $2,000 (57 hours @$35/hour, but may have been fewer hours for him and 20? for his son at $20/hour). I need to talk to him about employing his son, whom David believes is being paid $20/hour. Discussed options for making sure the place earns an income, and we agreed to try each (easiest to hardest) until we find something that works - preferably without having to divide house into two and put in a new kitchen. My main concern is that I haven't secured finance to pay for all of this yet, and with Christmas approaching, my limited overdraft/visa funds are rapidly depleting! Must talk to mum as soon as I get to Hamilton about bridging finance.

On the bus to Hamilton at the moment. Have had a lovely week with Josh and Immy. They're such a lovely family. Only time kids become difficult is when they're very tired. I hope to keep to my New Year's resolutions and be a better Nanny Annie.