Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

I worked a full day on New Year's Eve. Arrived before 9am and considered colour choices until Dave arrived. I can't get my head around the different options with ceiling, scotias, walls, skirtings and door surrounds AND doors to think about.

'No More Gaps' to the scotias in the piano room after going to pick up paint with Dave. Painted the ceiling by myself. Eight hours later and every bone in my body hurts. I hobbled to the bus stop like an old lady. It was all I could do to pull myself onto the bus and sink gratefully into a seat. Thank goodness for buses! Don't think I could have walked home for any price. Hot bubble bath, dinner and bed. The ceiling in the piano room has had its first coat. Let's hope that it will only need two! I missed a bit of scotia in the bay window and I'm sure I missed patches on the ceiling too....but I settled on the colour scheme.

Two things I've learned from yesterday - it takes two people to paint a ceiling efficiently and although those detailed scotias look wonderful, they're a bitch to paint!!!

Hope to finish the scotia I missed and 'No More Gaps' the lounge ceiling today....or, alternatively, spend New Year's Day in bed doing absolutely nothing :)