Saturday, November 7, 2009

Project 1 - The Courtyard

Although I have already stripped the downstairs bathroom and toilet, I have decided to leave these rooms until later for two reasons. Firstly, before I can proceed I have to solve a structural problem which requires a builder, and Roger (a builder brave enough to work with me) is leaving Dunedin soon. The second reason is that summer is here and I look longingly at the courtyard as a sunny and sheltered spot to relax. Alas, it is too grotty to contemplate. I picture what it will look like when finished and can't wait to achieve this perfect garden nook but my biggest hurdle is my inherent laziness and superior skills at procrastination. It has been a glorious weekend and I have not even begun the housework, let alone approach anything that remotely resembles a tool!

Despite these handicaps, my first step was to measure the courtyard. Done. Step 2, draw a plan of the courtyard. Done. Step 3, make a list - what order to do things, what equipment and tools I will need for each job, and what are the best materials for each job?