Monday, November 9, 2009

A change of plan

After a disscussion with Roger yesterday, we are pressing on with the downstairs bathroom and toilet. Hopefully we will progress this sufficiently before he leaves that he can hand the job over to someone else. He is working hard to find another like minded and extremely patient builder for me. So, the new plan - prioritise the bathroom work and continue on the courtyard as and when I can. The bathroom and separate toilet have been stripped back to poured concrete external wall and lath and plaster internal walls. The bath has been removed and a clawfoot bath purchased to replace it. The next step is to lift the floorboards in the bathroom, foyer and corridor to the toilet. This will be replaced with a concrete slab that will solve the sloping floor problem. We will also address heating by including water pipes which will be heated by a heatpump. A blocklayer will fill the gap in the wall that was a pantry cupboard. Plumbing and electricals, fill holes in external walls, gib, insulate and plaster. Tile floor and have sash window retro fitted with double glazing and hey presto - finished!