Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Absence

It is Monday 18 April and I haven't written anything on my blog in a very long time and worked on the house even less! With much help from friends, I have removed the top layer of asphalt from the old concrete in the courtyard. Darren has put the rainwater pipes in and the courtyard looks worse than when I started. The weeds have come up through the concrete and mould and moss meander across the rest. Disaster.

I have STARTED stripping the mouldy plaster from the cracked room in the lounge and, while in progress, the room looks worse than when I started. Disaster.

Darren has installed the plumbing for the toilet in the downstairs toilet, and Jarred has framed it ready for the gib board....waiting on electrician (and money for electrician). I used the wrong waterproofing - a waterproof membrane instead of Sika Proof WP and Sika Monotop 107 which I had previously researched but for some unknown reason, failed to use and in the meantime the mould has returned. I don't have an answer for this problem so it sits there getting mouldier by the day. Disaster.

No change on the downstairs bathroom. Engineers report tells me what to do but I lack the funds to do any of, again, disaster.

Jarred started framing the kitchen but can't proceed until Darren runs the plumbing but can't do this until the concrete pad is laid, which I can't, a partly framed kitchen and no possibility of improvement in the forseeable future. Disaster.

Roger, I am so sorry I didn't listen to you sooner. Start with a plan of the house and EVERYTHING you want to do to it, so you can plan the order you tackle things (maybe then I wouldn't have started the kitchen). Better late than never? I sincerely hope so! So, one detailed and comprehensive plan for the whole house later, and I am back to work and blog. The plan for this year:

Downstairs toilet
Finish stripping, waterproofing and plastering the cracked wall in the lounge
Paint Nick's room

I have a detailed plan of what needs to be done and when. Hope to work on the courtyard when the weather permits, Nick's room when it doesn't and the lounge wall for an hour a day, chipping away. The downstairs toilet is waiting on a solution, so if any DIYers out there know the answer, all suggestions greatfully received!

Money is still the major issue and I still don't have any of it. Of course it doesn't help that I blew any excess funds this year on a holiday in Portugal and Morocco in December (non-refundable tickets). I don't regret the impulse in terms of the house (because it isn't going anywhere) but do regret taking my turn for a little spoiling before my son's turn. My daughter has had everything she wanted and more, more travelled than I am at just 16. My son is quiet and considerate and never complains but has missed out and deserves to have his needs and wants before mine. How selfish am I? will endeavour to be more considerate, try and give him everything he needs and a few of the things he wants (including a really fantastic bedroom), and make sure he doesn't get sidelined next year.