Friday, June 4, 2010

At last feel like I'm making progress....albeit at snails pace! Ninety five percent of the time I love my house and the rest of the time, find it just a little bit depressing - usually associated with the cold and the rain rather than the house itself. The toilet is now ready for the waterproof coating before the finishing coats of Tadelakt. I haven't used this product before but looks great on youtube and relatively environmentally friendly. Re-wiring is in progress (just have to finish drilling a hole through a 30cm concrete wall) and have purchased the new toilet ready to be fitted. Looking good! The next goal is to get some form of heating in as winter has definitely arrived! Plan to open up the fireplace tomorrow and then get quotes for installing an inset woodburner into existing chimney space. I need to make a schedule of work so that I continue to make progress at a constant rate rather than as and when the whim takes me.