Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A slow progress

I'm feeling really positive about my achievements these last few days. Everything is taking much longer than expected but am trying to stay focused on small and achievable tasks rather than the overwhelmingly big picture. The courtyard has been weeded and tidied, the weeds at the top of the wall sprayed and one of the bunkers waterblasted (works really well). Unfortunately water pools on the existing concrete so will have to make sure I sweep surface water off after it rains. I have also laid old carpet over the exposed soil so that we won't keep treking dirt into the house. Realistically this bit won't get done until after winter. I have finished pricing the paint requirements and so will proceed with Nick's room until the courtyard is sufficiently dried out that I can start painting outside.

Still to do: contact glass place for quote for new window in Nick's room as well as sand and oil/varnish? his door surround. Continue to work on the courtyard as weather permits (paint inside of first bunker and practice tiling with the slate roof tiles).

For fun.....will make some concrete pavers as a way to learn how to work with concrete. These will go on the wall and floor of one of the bunkers and once I have mastered making them, design & make pavers, incorporating slate, for the area covered by carpet. Have a plan to prevent weeds returning under fence line too - weed matting and planting with lavender.

Don't forget to keep chipping away at the lounge door :)