Monday, April 18, 2011

A sunny day?

Stripped the paint from the door surround in Nick's room yesterday. Will sand it, do the paint calculations and also contact someone about the window today. Will try and spend most of the sunshine outside in the courtyard rather than Nick's room though. Someone from Davies Heating? coming today to talk woodburners. I know they will say the same as the last 2 companies contacted in previous years - woodburner is in the too hard basket! Hey, worth a shot eh....or just keep going through the phonebook until someone gives me the answer I want to hear, lol.

Today's mission:
Weed and sweep courtyard. Trial self-levelling concrete in one of the bunkers and waterblast moss from walls (if this doesn't work, will try "spray and walk away" :) Price exterior white paint from a couple of sources and do the work for Nick's room (above).

There goes the housework yet again :(