Thursday, June 2, 2011

Queen's Birthday weekend :)

Well, despite saying that I couldn't even afford to buy a can of paint, I went and bought not one but two cans of paint. Thank goodness for credit cards :) The bunker door I made with my own two hands is now blue. Well, one side anyway. One wall of one bunker is white. Progress.

I have a plan for the back toilet. Haven't done anything about it.....but I have a plan.

What to do with my long weekend (other than school work that is) ? Well, finish painting the other side of the door, and the walls of the bunker provided temperatures get over 10 degrees celsius. Stop avoiding finishing Nick's room. Not sure why I'm procrastinating on this one. I haven't enrolled in woodwork class this term and am missing the confidence, tools and expertise the class brings. Maybe this is the reason for stalling? Promised Nick that it will be finished within a month so have to get over myself.

Cleaning is also a priority, as is weeding the courtyard.

REALLY regretting Morocco now. Not only the things I could have achieved in the house with the money but also the time....having 6 weeks to work solidly in reasonable temperatures/weather AND missing my Dad's 80th birthday. This is a real blow.