Friday, May 20, 2011

Impending winter blues

Well, Willem and Nick did an amazing job on the graffiti wall but since then, zero progress anywhere in or outside the house. I put this down to 'impending winter' blues. Its been raining for weeks and the house (with no heating) is definitely beginning to resemble an icebox and its only autumn! Motivation has hit rock bottom  these last three weeks, as have available finances. Pressure time with Steph's trip to New Caledonia looming means I can't really spare money to buy even a pot of paint :( Well, its too cold for painting now anyway eh!

I find writing this blog helps keep me focused, something I tend to forget from week to week. When I let it slide, I tend to let the projects slide too. So, my plan for this weekend (though most of Saturday is gone already) is to:
  • Investigate whether or not I am able to install a woodstove in the kitchen area. This would be a simpler option than running a flu down a kinked three-storey chimney and would provide cooking as well as heating. The cost of the stove is more expensive but installation cost would be much lower and given that my electric stove just died, a good option generally. Have to find out if they are legal in my area.
  • Choose a colour to paint courtyard doors. Sand said doors ready for painting .
  • Clear out the attic ready to repair floors and replace skirting next month (post New Caledonia)
  • Check window installation to see if the leak is because of poor installation or incorrect window. Phone for quote for double glazing said windows.
  • General tidy and organise ready for next week.
I have an idea for solving the downstairs toilet problem and will send an email away today, asking for advice. More on this later.

Steph is here with her friends, filming a horror movie for the 24 hour film making competition. This is restricting any activities as I'm not able to make any noise and their current scene is someone falling down the attic stairs, so can't be working in Nick's room. Oh, well. More time watching TV, reading and generally lazing about :)