Saturday, April 30, 2011

One day to go :(

What an absolutely gorgeous autumn day in Dunedin! It amazes me that I have come to feel really settled here after such a long time of feeling displaced. This is definitely home now and I credit this house for giving me that sense of belonging. I love seeing the beautiful historic houses crawling up the hillside, interspersed with trees in shades of green, yellow and red and surrounded in a misty golden light. Truly beautiful.

Up early this morning to put a final coat of paint on Nick's room before Willem arrives to begin his graffiti masterpiece. Farmers Market, Taste Nature and supermarketing came next. Ben weeded the front garden and covered it in woodchips to keep weeds down. My focus today has been on enjoying this day rather than stressing about the long list of things I won't achieve these holidays. Lets face it, the list will always be longer than the hours in a day, so just relax and enjoy the process! I will set Fridays aside for working on the house and whatever I don't get done will just get carried over to the next time! The plan for tomorrow is to do the housework and get ready for school on Monday. The courtyard and finishing work on Nick's Room will just have to wait until next weekend. Life is too short to just rush through it.

Nick's room looks amazing! Wow! Will update his page with more photos tomorrow. Willem, you are so amazingly talented! Thank you so much for giving Nick's room the perfect finishing touch.