Friday, December 14, 2012

Engineer site inspection

Builders arrived bright and early (7.30am) finished gravel work and watered to aid settling. They began filling in the crack and  holes in the bathroom walls. Engineer (Peter Stevenson - fantastic!) arrived at 11.00am, approving everything done thus far. We discussed opening between lounge and dining room and beam size to be put in new opening (same size as specified for kitchen span). Peter did some investigating and confirmed that the wall is non-structural. While he was there Peter had a good look at the Melville Street wall which has cracks running right through wall, evident in what I will call the library (a little pretentious but one can dream) as well as on the outside. Decided to just monitor the cracks over the next year as a precaution but is probably not a problem. Plan is to fill cracks from inside and epoxy a glass slide across cracks on the outside. The theory being that if there is any movement, the glass slide will crack. This will be the final job as the "library" is currently serving as depository for my life.