Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bathroom floor dug out

The doorway between the lounge and dining rooms has been widened - now full width as per plans (but still not wide enough!). Discussed options (pocket doors, bi-folding doors, glass windows on either side as well as transom....). Spoilt for choice. Ryan suggested taking back to next upright beam (can't remember what these are called) on either side of current opeing. Taking time to consider but definitely not wide enought as it is. The flooring in the bathroom is no more :( Beams in bathroom lifted and groundwork dug out, piling concreted in ready for framework for new floor joists.

While I know that tile or concrete floor is a better option in a wet area, I am truly sad to be losing this beautiful wood. I will re-use it somewhere else in the house - either repairing floor elsewhere, laying it in the kitchen, or making furniture from it. 

Bathroom wall - joists had to be removed

Wall was unsupported, so new joist inserted below

New posts concreted in and joists laid across

Opening enlarged